As Terminal One sales rapidly exceed births of Dodos a new project is rising from the swamps of my mind and gradually forming into I know not what. Anyway, following a clear theme the new project is currently titled “DEAD” so watch this space.
Terminal One
Gary is bedridden in an unknown health facility which he calls The Institution. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him but he knows he’s in big trouble. With plenty of time on his hands, he pieces together, as accurately as he can, the key points in his life so far, including his relationships. There was one woman who was the real love of his life but he has no clue what has happened to her. This unusual story includes racism, rugby and spinal injury mixed with mobility scooter racing and a career in Orthopaedic Surgery.

What has happened to Gary? Will it be resolved? Will he ever find out what happened to the special woman?

A human mystery which includes some strange twists…

Published in November 2016. Find Out More … FREE KINDLE APP
The Young Thrusters – An Affectionate History
This is an affectionate history of a peculiar but compelling phenomenon; an almost football club called The Young Thrusters. An organisation held together, loosely, by little more than imagination and a series of interweaving, and sometimes obscure, friendships. But from so little so much was to come. Above all it is about the characters who made up the circus which is the Young Thrusters and the enduring friendships that were forged.
Published in 2014. Find Out More …
Slurry (Only Death is Immortal)
It’s not just animals that die unexpectedly when Markus takes up post as a vet and gets embroiled in the rotten underbelly of country life. His infatuation with Charlotte, the vegetarian animal activist, gets him ensnared in a web of intrigue as he tries to impress her. But neither of them could have foreseen what dark secrets they would uncover as they stumble into the nasty hidden world beneath the rural idyll.
Published in 2015. Find out more … FREE KINDLE APP
Muddled Daze
‘Muddled Daze’ by Christopher Fewtrell challenges you to think what would you do if a freak accident involving pineapples left you in a coma and when you recovered you found that each week you lived Thursdays before Wednesdays? This is the fate that confronts Graham ‘Ray’ Sunshine and when no one believes him he decides to use his ‘gift’ to personal advantage. He then engages in a series of hapless escapades with his chum Colin ‘The Beak’ Creek in this fast moving book that lurches from humour into darkness and back again. Tortured by his wish to do some good either for himself or others you will not want to put it down until you discover whether he can actually pull it off!
Published in 2007. Find out more … FREE KINDLE APP